BSC Cross-Chain Gateway

The first yield aggregator that provides cross-chain liquidity
Despite the market meltdown and unexpected challenges for DeFi, this field is developing by leaps and bounds. We are well aware that alternative networks have become extremely popular due to the cheapness of the transactions that enable more retail users to join the game. At the same time, the most reliable and popular protocols with the best profitability still remain based on the Ethereum network.
We made a stead ahead of the mainstream market, launched the BSC version and became the first yield aggregator to provide cross-chain liquidity! Our BSC cross-chain gateway gives you the advantage of cheap networks and the profitability/reliability of the Zunami's Ethereum version — you can invest for less than $1!

How does new concept work?

Let’s get into the tricky details of our new upgrade! The operation of our cross-chain liquidity supply is based on the LayerZero protocol for messaging between networks. We use StarGate as a bridge for sending stablecoins between networks. This powerful bundle enables a seamless transfer of USDT and USDC between 7 EVM networks! The BscZunamiGateway.sol contract was deployed on Binance — this contract accumulates users’ deposits and once a day, the operator sends the collected stablecoins via StarGate to the Forwarder contract on the Ethereum network. ZunamiForwarder.sol accepts funds from other networks, then deposits it into Zunami, receives ZLP tokens on its balance, and finally, sends a message with the total amount of ZLP received to the Gateway of the corresponding network via LayerZero. Instead of ZLP, BSC gateway users receive GZLP giving them the same rights.
Zunami Protocol Cross-Chain
The heart of Zunami has been and will forever remain Ethereum network. However, in the future we will not be limited to supplying liquidity only to Ethereum protocols, but will accept and send liquidity to the best protocols and pools within the DeFi universe, regardless of the blockchains on which they are located. The deployment of the Zunami cross-chain will take place in 4 stages:
Phase 1 — Launch of the initial Zunami BSC Cross-Chain Gateway;
Phase 2 — Launch of the Cross-Chain Gateway on most popular EVM networks and L2 solutions (Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism);
Phase 3 — Providing liquidity to the most trusted and profitable protocols - regardless of which blockchain rails are used;
Phase 4 — Interaction with non-EVM networks.