DAO - ZLP/GZLP voting

Decentralized decision making
We want the development of our protocol to be in line with the opinions of clients and the community. Your opinion and voice is vital to us, as we want to create the best stablecoin farming product for the end user. We have not launched our token yet, but there are issues that require a collegial decision. Therefore, it’s essential to launch DAO voting and give the early participants of the protocol the right to vote so that we can choose the path of project development together. Each user who deposited funds in Zunami received a ZLP token in proportion to their contribution to the protocol. We have launched a voting system where everyone who keeps ZLP in their wallet receives a proportional number of votes. GZLP holders (Zunami BSC gateway users) also get the right to vote. ZLP/GZLP holders will be able to vote and determine the direction of protocol development. All key issues such as the choice/adding of new strategies, rebalancing of funds will be decided by the Zunami DAO. Before a proposal is set for a vote, it will be sent to the community on Discord. This will begin a period of discussion about the proposal: whether it should be voted on, how it should be amended, what options should be voted on, and how the results of the vote will be interpreted (quorum standards).