Transaction Batching Mechanism

Cost optimization process
There is no doubt that high commissions are a fundamental problem on the Ethereum network. The further progress and future of DeFi are impossible without overcoming these vital inefficiencies. When a transaction consists of deposits in several smart contracts in a row, the commission for its implementation goes beyond all reasonable boundaries. Nowadays, the gates to the yield-farming realm are closed for the people who only have small deposits, so they are ultimately being cut off from this profitable global finance game.
Zunami Protocol team has come up with a solution though. We have created a multi-layer smart contract or Transaction Batching Mechanism (TBM) to counter this issue. How does it work? Users deposit funds into the initial smart contract using the delegateDeposit() function. Then, at least once a day, the mechanism of automatic sending to the pools will be launched the completeDeposit() function and allocate user funds to strategies. Users don’t pay anything at this point. In July 2022 we launched BSC Cross-Chain Gateway and liquidity providing to the ETH network from the BSC (based on LayerZero and StarGate). In November 2022 Polygon Cross-Chain Gateway had been launched. Now users can get the profitability and reliability of our ETH version for less than $1! The transaction accumulator allows you to reduce the transaction costs up to 1000 times.
Cost optimization
Important to know: the cost of this complex transaction will not be much higher than a regular transfer.