What is Zunami?

Zunami is a decentralized protocol that issues aggregated stablecoins, whose collateral is utilized in omnipools and differentiated among various profit-generating strategies. We create Omni pools and issue zStables on top of them. Currently, we have launched two aggregated stablecoins - UZD and zETH.

What is Omni pool?

The Omni pool operates as a Yield Aggregator by providing liquidity to the multiple strategies and reinvesting profits. Each zStable is backed by its own Omni pool, managed through DAO governance. The DAO manages the addition of new strategies and the rebalancing of funds between strategies.

Why market need zStables?

We see a vast number of stablecoins in the market, and their quantity continues to grow. It becomes evident that there is a need for aggregated products capable of providing users with an optimized experience. By design, zStables aim to lead the charts through the aggregation of the best tools in the market.

What is the secret feature of zStables?

zStables have a unique feature of enabling and disabling rebasing depending on their location. This allows for the redistribution of collateral income in the most advantageous way. For example if rebase is activated UZD operates as a rebase token similar to stETH (from LIDO), which means the amount of UZD in your balance is not constant — it increases over time. But when UZD is held in a Curve pool, the rebase is deactivated and all the rewards generated from the collateral are redirected to the Zunami treasury for the bribing and locking.

Zunami Protocol benefits:

  • Aggregated Income - funds are distributed among the best income-generating strategies;
  • Simplified user experience - simply buy zStables on a DEX and stake them to maximize income;
  • Real Yield - the protocol is built on a self-sustainable economy and generates real income;
  • DAO-oriented project - a community-driven decentralized protocol.
Please note: Developer Docs are currently under construction. They will be added as soon as possible.