Decentralized Revenue Aggregator

Automatic pool selection
The return rates in stablecoin pools are highly volatile. Today, one of the pools shows the best APY / APR on the market, but it is already an outsider a week later. Finding the best pools and transferring funds from pool to pool is expensive and requires constant market research, which is not suitable for generating passive income.
The Zunami Protocol independently differentiates and rebalances funds among the best stablecoin pools. Using the Zunami Protocol, you get the best return on the market while your funds are diversified across trusted pools and dAPPs. Decisions on the choice of strategy and assets rebalancing are made during the voting by DAO.
Zunami's revenue aggregator solves the following problems:
  • Frequent changes in pools' interest rates;
  • Time-consuming interaction with multiple protocols;
  • Most profitable pools/protocols never provide the same rates.