What is Zunami?

Zunami is a decentralized protocol that issues aggregated stablecoins, whose collateral is utilized in omnipools and differentiated among various profit-generating strategies. We create Omni pools and issue zunStables on top of them. Currently, we have launched two aggregated stablecoins - zunUSD and zunETH.

What is Omni pool?

The Omni pool operates as a Yield Aggregator by providing liquidity to the multiple strategies and reinvesting profits. Each zunStable is backed by its own Omni pool, managed through DAO governance. The DAO manages the addition of new strategies and the rebalancing of funds between strategies.

Why market need zunStables?

We see a vast number of stablecoins in the market, and their quantity continues to grow. It becomes evident that there is a need for aggregated products capable of providing users with an optimized experience. By design, zunStables aim to lead the charts through the aggregation of the best tools in the market.

What is the role of the ZUN token?

  • Governance Control: Key decisions will be determined via DAO voting.

  • Liquidity Management: ZUN stakers oversee liquidity within the Omni pool and APS.

  • ZUN Distribution: ZUN Stakers can engage in a bi-weekly Gauge weight vote to influence the allocation of $ZUN token emissions.

  • Revenue Sharing: All protocol revenue, totaling 100%, will be distributed among ZUN stakers.

How safe is it to use Zunami and zunStables?

Risk Assessment:

Smart Contract Risk: the smart contracts of Zunami v2 immutable and underwent a comprehensive audit before deployment from Nomoi, Oxorio and PeckShield.

Depeg Risk: zStables are 100% collateralized and incorporate a safeguard against depegging through the Algoritmic peg stabilizer mechanism. This mechanism manages minting and redemption based on the proportion within the curve pool.

Collateral Risk: all stablecoins utilized in Omni pool strategies are chosen following a risk management policy. Should the collateralization fall below 100%, a recapitalization process will initiate, utilizing both ZUN tokens and protocol-generated earnings.

Custody Risk: after three months from the launch of Zunami v2, the protocol will transition entirely to on-chain DAO governance, determined by the votes of ZUN stakers.

Zunami Protocol benefits:

  • Aggregated Income - funds are distributed among the best income-generating strategies;

  • Simplified user experience - simply buy zunStables on a DEX and stake them to maximize income;

  • Real Yield - the protocol is built on a self-sustainable economy and generates real income;

  • DAO-oriented project - a community-driven decentralized protocol.








Risk management policy: Please note: Developer Docs are currently under construction. They will be added as soon as possible.

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