Interacting with DeFi smart contracts inherently carries risks. Zunami's expert technical team has rigorously scrutinized our platform's smart contracts and enlisted third-party auditors to highlight potential vulnerabilities ahead of the platform's rollout. Even with such thorough precautions, there's an undeniable potential for partial or complete fund loss. It's crucial to acknowledge that the Zunami smart contract might be vulnerable despite our exhaustive efforts. You can delve into the third-party auditors' findings.
Furthermore, any unforeseen fluctuations or unpegging of stablecoins within the pools that Zunami provides liquidity to can lead to profound issues. It's worth noting that while our strategy selection undergoes stringent vetting, we've also incorporated collateral protective measures and recovery solution.
Moreover, given our protocols' deep integration with Curve, StakeDAO, and Convex, users inevitably take on the risks tied to these platforms. We strongly urge users to peruse the respective documentation and risk disclosures of these platforms before engaging. As a cardinal rule, always ensure to carry out comprehensive personal research and due diligence before any financial engagement.
Last modified 3mo ago