ZUN Tokenomics

The ZUN emission, initially intended for liquidity incentives, will be directed towards the bribe pools on Curve with zunStables and ZUN, as well as the incentivization of locking in zunStables APS and staking ZUN. ZUN Distributor contract locks 32 million ZUN tokens, distributing them based on distribution strategy votes (Gauge weight vote) every two weeks. The emission decreases by 35% each year, with the distribution being 11,200,000 in the first year, 7,280,000 in the second, 4,732,000 in the third, 3,075,800 in the fourth, 1,999,270 in the fifth, and so forth. Decisions regarding ZUN distribution are made by DAO voting every two weeks. Contract include a function that can be called every two weeks, sending accumulated ZUN tokens to the specified strategies.
The treasury is initially unlocked on the TGE day and is stored in the protocol's multisig wallet. Any fund movement must go through DAO voting.
Team, investors and advisers do not have lockups and receive ZUN tokens with a per-block vesting schedule over a period of 1.5 years. There are 18 participants in Angel Round, including: Mich (Curve), C2tp (Convex), Hubert (StakeDAO), Mr.Block (Curve), GW2C (Concentrator), Winthorpe (Convex), CREAM, cp0x (Yearn multi-sig).
Early Adopter Airdrop - 0.2% is allocated for ambassador rewards, while 0.8% is for compensation for the first hack without any lock-ups. 1.5% set aside for the second hack's compensation will be available after a year with an annual vesting. 1.5% will be distributed over six months post-TGE to those affected by the first and second hacks who will return liquidity after the relaunch.
DEX Liquidity - 1% is unlocked initially and will be provided to the ZUN/ETH pool on Curve.
Release Schedule
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