ZUN Token

ZUN token is an ERC20 utility, governance and profit-sharing token token of the Zunami protocol. The supply of ZUN is capped at 100,000,000 (100 million) which can't be technically changed. See in source code.
Token contract: TBA Decimals: 18 Symbol: $ZUN
The ZUN token has four main use cases:
Governance Control: ZUN stakers can vote and influence decisions on the development of the Zunami Protocol.
Liquidity Control (LaaS): ZUN stakers manage strategy in Omni Pools or obtain zunUSD/zunETH liquidity from APS through DAO proposals.
ZUN Distribution Control: ZUN stakers can participate in a Gauge weight vote every two weeks to determine the distribution of ZUN token emissions.
Revenue Share: ZUN stakers receive 100% of the income generated by the Zunami protocol.

ZUN Staking

The ZUN staking contract provides an opportunity for ZUN holders to participate in the governance and revenue-sharing of the Zunami Protocol. It offers a way for holders to contribute to the protocol's operations and receive rewards in return. The ZUN staking contract is a mechanism where ZUN holders lock their ZUN tokens and receive vlZUN. 
 vlZUN holders can actively participate in voting, thereby governing the protocol directly. Alternatively, they have the choice to delegate their voting rights to trusted representatives. This contract receives rewards from all through controllers (zunUSD for the stablecoin pool, zunETH for the Ether pool, and others). vlZUN provides the ability to vote in the DAO and ZUN Distribution Contract, and holders receive 100% of the protocol's revenue plus additional ZUN emissions. The received rewards (ZUN, CRV, CVX, SDT, FXS) are distributed proportionally among the stakers, and there should be the capability to add new rewards in the future. Exiting early should be possible with a 15% penalty on the stake, with the penalty being distributed among ZUN stakers. Additionally, the functionality of recapitalization, similar to Reserve, has been implemented. ZUN stakers agree that their tokens may be utilized to offset losses incurred in the Omni pool.

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