Given that our protocol oversees the management of external funds, our foremost objective is to enhance its decentralization. The current architecture involves granting authority to specific individuals for functions like strategy addition and fund transfers between them. To address this centralization, we've taken the decision to implement an on-chain Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) powered by OpenZeppelin's Governor Contract framework.
This approach entails transitioning control from the team multisig to the DAO, effectively entrusting the financial logic and fund transactions to the confidence of ZUN stakers.
Key voting categories include:
  • The addition of new strategies
  • Emission Voting, involving decisions about the distribution of emissions
  • Fund transfers within approved Omnipools and APS strategies
  • The establishment of default strategies and decisions regarding zunStables inflation or deflation
  • Governance proposals that shape the protocol's direction.
This transition underscores our commitment to decentralization and bolsters the collaborative spirit of the protocol's governance, ensuring that it remains dynamic, responsive, and aligned with the collective interests of ZUN holders.
Last modified 3mo ago