Cross-Chain Gateways

The first yield aggregator that provides cross-chain liquidity
Despite market challenges, the DeFi field is rapidly advancing. Alternative networks have gained popularity due to low transaction costs, making it easier for retail users to participate. However, the most reliable and profitable protocols continue to be built on the Ethereum network.
We have taken a proactive approach by launching a Binance Smart Chain and Polygon gateways of our yield aggregator, becoming the first to offer cross-chain liquidity. Our BSC, Polygon Gateways allows for the benefits of low-cost networks while still maintaining the profitability and reliability of the Zunami Ethereum version, enabling investments for less than $1.

How does new concept work?

Zunami Protocol Cross-Chain
The new upgrade for cross-chain liquidity supply works by utilizing the LayerZero protocol for messaging between networks and StarGate as a bridge for sending stablecoins between networks. This bundle allows for a seamless transfer of USDT and USDC between 7 EVM networks. The BscZunamiGateway.sol contract is deployed on Binance, where it accumulates user deposits and sends them via StarGate to the Forwarder contract on the Ethereum network once a day. The ZunamiForwarder.sol contract then accepts the funds, deposits them into Zunami, receives ZLP tokens in return, and sends a message with the total amount of ZLP received to the Gateway of the corresponding network via LayerZero. Instead of ZLP, BSC gateway users receive GZLP, which gives them the same rights. The core of Zunami's operations is and will continue to be the Ethereum network. However, in the future, we plan to expand our liquidity supply beyond Ethereum protocols and connect with the best protocols and pools in the DeFi ecosystem, regardless of the blockchain they are built on. This will allow us to offer our users access to a wider range of opportunities for generating passive income and diversifying their funds.