DAO - ZLP voting

Decentralized decision making
We value the opinions and feedback of our users and community in the development of our protocol. That's why we are launching a DAO voting system to give our early participants a say in the direction of the project. By depositing funds in Zunami, users will receive ZLP tokens in proportion to their contribution. These tokens can be used for voting in the Zunami DAO, where all key decisions such as the selection and addition of new strategies, and the rebalancing of funds, will be made. Users who hold GZLP (Zunami BSC gateway users) will also have the right to vote. Before a proposal is put to a vote, it will be discussed in the community on Discord. This will give everyone a chance to voice their opinions on the proposal, suggest amendments, and decide on the options to be voted on. The quorum standards and interpretation of the voting results will also be determined during this period of discussion.