Answers to the most frequently asked questions.
How to start using the Zunami Protocol?
Install Metamask or any other wallet with Wallet Connect feature support. Next, buy stablecoins. Start the Zunami App and connect your wallet.
How to deposit funds?
Click the “Deposit” button. Make sure that your wallet balance is topped up with stablecoins we support - such as USDT, USDC, DAI. Select the desired currency. Next, select to send either a single or multiple types of stablecoin to send. Enter the desired amount and approve the transaction. You can send in the whole amount of funds or just some part of it. You can also choose an optimized deposit or a normal one. Wait for the deposit to be credited within 24 hours, and receive LP tokens. That’s it, now, wait for the magic to work!
How to withdraw funds?
Press the “Withdraw” button — choose either a normal or an optimized one. You can withdraw the whole amount or just a part of it. You can leave the wait aside and do it directly, but such an operation would be more expensive.
What is an optimized deposit?
Using the optimized deposit makes it possible to deposit funds within 24 hours and much cheaper than the standard one. Deposit funds directly by paying all the fees; see funds instantly on your Dashboard, and receive Zunami LPs.
What is an optimized withdrawal?
Quite on the contrary, optimized output makes it possible to withdraw coins within 24 hours and save money. This feature is only available when withdrawing all coins combined.
When will my funds appear on the dashboard?
Your funds will be displayed on the dashboard within 24 hours of your initial deposit.
What pools are included in the strategies you support?
The Zunami protocol currently works with Curve pools and Stake DAO/Convex MIM, XAIFRAXBP, alUSDFRAXBP pools.
Do you support rebalancing?
Yes, Zunami smart-contract rebalances funds to the best-performing pools to ensure the leading profitability on the market. Funds are rebalanced based on voting and DAO decisions; each user can submit a proposal.
How does auto-compound work?
Rewards accrued by the user in DeFi protocols are automatically sold and the profits are reinvested. Zunami Protocol App boosts users’ income by allowing them to enjoy compound interest.
Why is APY constantly changing?
Zunami Protocol’s APY depends on pools and strategies used. APY is a subject of constant change in DeFi protocols. Zunami utilizes only the best performing pools to make sure the yield is better than in competitive solutions.
When will my transaction arrive?
Your transaction will be paired with other transactions since we send all deposits in batches once a day. Kindly expect it to arrive within 24 hours.
How can I get a quick consultation?
Kindly check out the glowing dialog window on the right-down corner of the Zunami App. Ask your questions there to get a fast answer.
What blockchain is at the heart of Zunami?
Zunami protocol is currently based on the Ethereum blockchain. Also we support BSC and Polygon. We plan to support Avalanche and other popular alternative chains in the future.
Is it costly to use Zunami? How much does a transaction cost on average?
Using Zunami is much cheaper than using Curve/Convex directly, for example. The Delegate Deposit costs $9-12 or 0,004 ETH for the end-user. The final price depends on gas/gwei at the chosen moment.
What wallets does Zunami support?
Zunami Protocol supports Metamask, Coinbase wallets as well as the WalletConnect feature — this enables smooth operation with more than 100 leading cryptocurrency wallets.
What is base APY?
APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield and can be thought of as the amount of interest you'll earn on your funds during the year. Base APY is what you will get for providing liquidity to this pool.
What about the management fee?
Zunami protocol takes 15% of liquidity providers' (depositors') income currently.
When can I withdraw the money?
You can instantly withdraw money through the direct withdrawal option if needed. Either way, you can also withdraw within 24 hours via optimized withdrawal.
The optimized withdrawal works only with 3-batch currencies for now.
How often is the App balance updated?
The dashboard balance is updated every few seconds.