Revenue Streams

The Zunami Protocol has established a treasury system to accumulate funds that can be used to cover losses in emergency situations, as well as to support the development and scaling of the protocol. The treasury is funded through a combination of:
  • 15% performance fee taken from the income of depositors using auto-compound;
  • 15% perfomance fee from the income of APS depositors taken using auto-compound;
  • Additional accrual of tokens (CRV, CVX, FXS) from the rebase stop for UZD stablecoins stored in the FRAXBP pool on Curve.
DAO tokens will be locked and used to increase the profitability of the UZDFRAXBP pool. The income in stablecoins enables Zunami to stay ahead of the market and mitigate risks in volatile times while also providing funds for development and operational expenses. Overall, the treasury aims to reduce risks, provide funds for development, and cover operational expenses to ensure the long-term success of the Zunami Protocol.
Treasury/Team multi-sig address: Zunami Vote ID: