Keep in mind that DeFi DApps, audited or not, pose risks
Please see the Audits page for information on our external security audit with Ackee Blockchain and more.
There are several inherent risks present when interacting with any existing DeFi smart contracts. Zunami's tech team has vigorously reviewed platform's smart contracts, and also pursued external auditors to identify potential vulnerabilities in the platform prior to launch. Despite these measures, the chance of losing some or all of your funds can't be excluded.
Please bear in mind that there is a possibility of risk that the Zunami smart contract could be hacked.
In addition, unpegging one or more stablecoins in pools that the Zunami protocol interacts with can also create serious problems.
And finally, users are also beholden to any risks that pertain to the Curve or Convex platforms since our protocols are directly integrated. Please also review their documentation and risk explanations before interfacing with either platform. And as always, do your own due diligence before investing.